What Is Gunbot?

Gunbot is a Cryptocurrency trade bot designed for anyone who wants to profit from the cryptocurrency markets without having to constantly be at your computer staring at charts waiting to make trades. Gunbot trades based on a multitude of indicators and strategies programmed and designed by the Gunbot team. Gunbot offers strategies both new traders and advanced traders, with strategies that are completely premade just for the user, and strategies that are able to be customized down to the decimal for advanced traders who know exactally how they want to use Gunbot.

Gunbot works by using Cryptocurrency exchange API system, which allows for 0 risk as all the bot can do is trade on your account while you have full control of your funds. Gunbot supports all pairs on all of the supported Cryptocurrency exchanges such as, Binance, Gdax, Cex, Cryptopia, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken and more to come in the near future. This allows for you to be as broad or specific as you want, as Gunbot allows the user to decide all of the pairs that it trades.

Gunbot has a plethora of addons and extensions so as you become more advanced and knoledgable you can try new scripts and automation options.

The market doesn't sleep, and neither does the chance for you to make money.

Check out Gunbot listed in the top 10 Cryptocurrency bots here: https://breakfinance.com/top-5-bitcoin-trade-bots-for-binance-and-bitmex/


1Can I get proof that the trade bot is real?
Yes! You can join our Telegram group with thousands of users who use the bot every day who are happy to share their experience with it. You can also read the reviews on our website.
2How much money can I trade on this bot?
You can trade as much money as you like, but once you start to get above $10,000 I recommend getting multiple exchanges in order for trades to be able to fill faster.
3How do I know this website is legit?
You can check the Gunbot Official Seller list where we are listed. Any sellers not on the list are non-official and should not be trusted.
4Can I upgrade my license later?
Yes, you can always upgrade your license at a later time, no matter what the extension or the version of Gunbot which you have purchased.
5Is the license lifetime? Will I have to pay for updates?
Yes, the license will never expire and will include all future updates of the bot as we work to make it the best money generator possible.

How Gunbot Works